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New Hope Baptist Church unites many in worship with Jason Crabb concert

LAURINBURG — New Hope Baptist Church hosted a near-sold-out concert on Saturday, Aug. 5.

Richmond County resident Randy Stubbs, who is owner-operator of RBS Promotions and booking agent for 2nd Chance Ministries, booked the group to sing with two-time Grammy Award winner Jason Crabb.

Stubbs has been booking concerts for nine years in which 2nd Chance Ministries has sung with Crabb numerous times. Crabb’s daughter, Ashleigh Crabb also sang at the concert. Ashleigh Crabb had her debut in June of this year.

2nd Chance Ministries is a trio: Ricky Malloy, Brandon Gainey and Brian Alvey.

Malloy is from Cheraw, South Carolina, and has been with the group for nine years. At age 7, he began singing and traveling with his family band, The Malloy Brothers, and has been singing for 36 years.


When asked about the challenge of traveling, he said, “The scheduling is challenging as well as missing my family.”

“One highlight of our ministry is the project we recorded with Jason Crabb in 2021 — ‘Fearless in Faith,’” Malloy added.

Gainey is from Hartsville, South Carolina and has been with the group for eight years. He began singing at age 17.

“I first met Stubbs in Rockingham 12 years ago; we immediately connected and I met Malloy at a church I had just started attending,” Gainey said. When asked what he enjoys most about the ministry, he said, “The spirit; everyone is the same behind the stage as well as on the stage.”

Alvey is from Florence, South Carolina and is the newest member. He has been with the group for five months.


Alvey was 4 years old when he first began singing with his family at the church they attended. His entire family was the church’s worship team. He also sang with the Kingdom Heirs at Dollywood several years ago.

“Seeing lives changed is the one thing that stands out the most for me,” Alvey said. “We see a lot of people who are broken just looking for something to mend them. We point them to Jesus.”

Click here to see photos from 2nd Chance Ministries’ performance in Hamlet’s Boxcar Concert Series.

Crabb produces some of 2nd Chance’s albums, and they often travel together.

“I enjoy traveling with the guys, they are like my brothers,” Stubbs said. “The band started out as a quartet, and I was the drummer. Soon after that, we transitioned to a trio. Meeting new people is one of the highlights of traveling with the group. They are currently working on a new album.”


Crabb has won numerous awards throughout the years. Along with his Grammys, he has also won 22 Gospel Music Association Dove Awards, as well as many others.

When asking Crabb about his daughter singing, he said, “It’s very exciting to me; it is a dream come true because ever since she was old enough to talk, I would invite her up on stage to sing.

“She and her sister had little pink microphones,” Crabb continued. “Her sister went with something else as she felt music wasn’t her deal. Ashleigh felt like it was exactly who she was. She has an EP coming out soon as well as writing a book. We are very excited.”

Crabb also has a children’s book series out which features Jase Crabb — a crab who teaches children about Jesus.

The idea about the book began when he was at his grandmother’s house and had a vision.


“I was in a deer stand and all of a sudden I envisioned writing a book in which grandmas, grandpas, moms and dads would read the books to little ones,” Crabb said. “When the reading was over, the little ones would want to know Jesus and invite him into their hearts. I got to lead both of my girls to the Lord and pray with them. That’s what I envisioned for parents, and I thought these books might help.”

In speaking about his relationship with 2nd Chance Ministries, Crabb said, “I am very excited about their next record; good things are happening.”

Crabb also mentioned the possibility of cutting an acoustic record with his daughter as she was very excited to be singing with her dad. Her beautiful voice blends perfectly with his.

New Hope Baptist Church Associate Pastor Nathan Black mentioned they already have numerous other singers and groups booked for this year and are working on confirming a few others.

“There were six people who gave their lives to the Lord and one who rededicated their life,” said Black. “One reason we do the concerts is so we can do something local for the community, that way they don’t have to drive hours away to Charlotte or Raleigh. The main reason is that we want lives changed and transformed by Jesus.”


For more information on upcoming concerts, log onto For more information on 2nd Chance Ministries, visit



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