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Charlie Melvin

Charlie Melvin is co-owner and co-publisher at Sandhills Voice Magazine and its sister publication The Richmond Observer. By day he works in industrial education as a manufacturer training specialist and adjunct instructor at a local college.

GREETING SEASONS: Childhood memories of winter, spring, summer and fall in the Carolina Sandhills

For me, growing up, the changing seasons were a magical time that I remember fondly. Much of my love for science and nature likely...

Piedmont Prairie: Native grasses fight for survival throughout the Sandhills of the Carolinas

The 2014 U.S. Open saw the usual people converge on the venerable No. 2 golf course in Pinehurst. Up and comers, the business elites...

Giving a ‘Voice’ to the Carolina Sandhills with a new, regional publication

Welcome to Sandhills Voice the magazine. Together you — our reader —and our team will explore the happenings of this great region that we call...

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