Sunday, March 3, 2024

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Giving a ‘Voice’ to the Carolina Sandhills with a new, regional publication

Welcome to Sandhills Voice the magazine.

Together you — our reader —and our team will explore the happenings of this great region that we call home. We hope that you will enjoy this journey as much as we do.

As publishers of The Richmond Observer, an award-winning online newspaper, we believe in providing quality articles that are in keeping with our high journalistic ethics and standards.

Having served Richmond County for the past six years, we are excited to expand our reach further into the region and become part of the many communities that make up the Sandhills.

Sandhills Voice the magazine will be a place to celebrate the unique and charming nature of the Carolina Sandhills.


From Fayetteville to Cheraw, Wadesboro to Wagram, Sanford to Society Hill, Hoffman to Hartsville — and everywhere in between — Sandhills Voice the magazine will be telling the unique stories that we all have to share.

While based in the Rockingham offices of The RO, Sandhills Voice magazine will include articles written by our contributors from across the region.

This online publication is part of a larger collaboration called Sandhills Voice, hence the “the magazine” epithet.

Sandhills Voice is a co-branded project between the publishers of The RO and the owner of the venerated AM radio station WAYN 900, which will expand its digital presence throughout the area as Sandhills Voice the radio.

Sandhills Voice will be your place to find the richness that you and your neighbors add to our region. We hope that you find yourself reflected in the pages of this magazine and in the sounds of the radio.




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Charlie Melvin
Charlie Melvin
Charlie Melvin is co-owner and co-publisher at Sandhills Voice Magazine and its sister publication The Richmond Observer. By day he works in industrial education as a manufacturer training specialist and adjunct instructor at a local college.


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